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About World Laparoscopy Hospital

Laparoscopy Hospital - Premiere Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy Hospital - Premiere Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery

Founded in 2000, World Laparoscopy Hospital is Republic of India’s only private, nonprofit Minimal Access surgery hospital for adults, adolescents, children, and seniors. World Laparoscopy Hospital is affiliated with The TGO University and is the flagship for its department of Laparoscopy which has been recognized by its peers as one of the top ten in the World. Recognized as a national leader in the development Minimal Access Surgery and other interventional laparoscopic treatment, Laparoscopy Hospital has a reputation for providing the best care available to patients. The hospital is involved in a variety of research efforts which has earned it a national reputation as a major teaching and research facility.

A commitment to be the best. A surgeon and Director of World Laparoscopy Hospital, whose primary goals are patient safety and natural appearing results. These are the hallmarks of Prof. R.K. Mishra. Known for his expertise in Laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Mishra specializes in Minimal Access  surgery.

Dr. Mishra is one of the few minimal access  surgeons in the World certified as Master in Minimal Access Surgery. This rare distinction is the result of many years of intensive study and training. Dr. Mishra believes there are no shortcuts to knowledge and experience.

We welcome you to come meet us in person at our hospital at New Delhi and Gurgaon, which has been recognized as a Top 10 hospital in World for Minimal Access Surgery. The Mission of Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi and World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurgaon is to provide the highest quality patient care and enhance the quality of life for all and to advance the science of laparoscopic surgery and their related disciplines through research and education. We do this regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin.

The Vision of World Laparoscopy Hospital is to lead the world as the most innovative source of medical care, the premier research institution, and the most trusted educator in the field of Minimal Access Surgery, and their related disciplines.

Our Gurgaon branch known as World Laparoscopy Hospital is an institution of excellence and shall meet and exceed the expectations of all those we serve. We set and adhere to the highest standards possible for all that we do and provide a friendly caring environment where the patient comes first. We shall deliver compassionate care, treating patients and families with respect and dignity.

World Laparoscopy Hospital pledge respect for the diversity of traditions and cultures within our organization and the broader community we serve. We will maintain an environment that encourages fair treatment and equal opportunity.  Our both the units will strive to operate efficiently and cost effectively while maintaining the highest standards of care. We will fulfill our mission only if we successfully manage our financial and other resources. Learn More…

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